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We also specialize in providing companies with a choice of hiring employees while avoiding all the related problems.


A company which hires employees is required to issue a pay slip to every one of them and also to pay income tax, social payments (health tax, social security, pension) and allocate money to the dismissal compensation and convalescence pay.


To do this, an employer has to manage records in the tax authorities, including Income Tax and National Security, and as of lately – also to report allocations to the pension fund and the dismissal compensation fund.


We can spare you the entire trouble by making your workers our employees, while actually they will continue working for you.


How the system works?


We offer you an innovative and legal way to employ your staff via "reverse outsourcing".


Outsourcing is already used by many Israeli companies, which let outsourcing firms recruit workforce for them.


While de facto working for you, these employees are officially employed by the outsourcing firm.


A company issues to the outsourcing firm a global monthly payment for the services rendered by the employees, while the outsourcing firm produces pay slips and pays the salaries.


Our company has perfected the system. Now you can recruit your staff by yourself, and then the outsourcing kicks in: your workers will be officially employed by us, and we will manage the entire employer-employee relationship. Your company will pay us a monthly payment of all the salaries combined plus 5% commission and VAT, against a legit tax invoice.


The main advantage of this system is that we relieve you of the entire entanglement of the employer-employee relationship.


Our company has vast experience in its field and it has been founded to provide particularly effective solutions to self-employed persons, freelancers and employing companies. We specialize in financial solutions for private and corporate markets. Our company is managed by businessmen and experienced specialists and monitored by an auditor and a legal advisor.


As a part of our service we provide initial legal consulting on labor law free of charge.