How it works?

You render services to your client, while receiving from us a regular salary, just like any salaried employee. You will not have to deal in any way with Income Tax, VAT, National Security or any other tax institution.


Your client receives services from you and a legit tax invoice from us and transfers to us the payment for the services provided.


We issue a tax invoice for the services received by your client and transfer the payment to you (our commission deducted) as a "regular" salary. You can choose to receive it as a check or as a money transfer directly to your bank account. In addition, a pay slip will be send to you by email or by regular mail.


  • Our company will issue a tax invoice to your client for the payment you should receive.
  • Our company will be registered as the receiver of the payment, which will be transferred to us.
  • The entire sum will then be transferred to you (VAT and our commission of up to 5% deducted).
  • This sum (after the abovementioned deduction) will constitute your gross salary as a salaried employee and will be written in the pay slip issued to you.
  • At the end of the year we will issue to you "Form 106" with all your pay slips syndicated.
  • We guarantee total transparency and full explanation of all the income-expenditure calculations.