How do you issue invoices without registering as a self-employed person.


Self-employed person, salaried employee, freelancer!

You have additional income opportunity, but are reluctant to deal with tax authorities?

We will enable you to work as a self-employed person while remaining a salaried employee.


How it works?

You render services to your client, while receiving from us a regular salary, just like any salaried employee. You will not have to deal in any way with Income Tax, VAT, National Security or any other tax institution.
Your client receives your services and our tax invoice.
We produce a tax invoice for your client, pay you your salary and issue you a pay slip.


We let you enjoy all the advantages of both self-employed and salaried employee statuses.


We issue an invoice to your client, and you receive from us a pay slip...

We can spare you all the hassle of being a direct…

As a part of our service awareness we offer you accompanying services free..